Steam Coils:

Heaton® Steam coils are a type of heat exchanger used in drying and heating processes in different industries such as chemical, construction, textile, food, forest products.

Working principle of steam coils:

It is used in various processes for heating or drying large areas by giving the latent heat resulting from the condensation of steam into water to the environment.

Steam coils are manufactured from finned seamless steel drawn boiler tubes and high-pressure resistant boiler steel plates. In special applications such as food and pharmaceuticals, they are manufactured from stainless chrome.

Steam Coil Design:

Steam coils are specially designed with computer-aided design by making strength and heat transfer calculations for each application. Thanks to this superior design, the steam circulates evenly and efficiently throughout the entire battery body. Another issue that increases the efficiency of steam coils is to discharge the condensed water (condensate) immediately. This issue is taken into consideration when designing. The pipe arrangement is computer-aided designed to optimally limit condensate retention in the coil at high or low steam pressure, to prevent water hammer and to ensure uniform steam distribution over the entire surface.

It is shipped as a package with equipment such as steam inlet valve, steam trap and filter according to customer requirements.


For enterprises using hot oil boilers in their manufacturing processes, the same type of heater coils operating with hot oil are produced.

Some typical applications using the steam coils technology:

- Air preheaters for industrial boilers

- Heat recovery

- Wood drying bobbins

- Heating coils for pulp and paper process drying

- Chemical process heating

- Oven dryers

- Unit heaters

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