Multi Fired Central Heating Boiler TPWK Series
itimat TPWK Series central heating boilers thanks to 3-pass design.

It can burn coal, wood, gas, heavy oil, light oil and diesel.

Thanks to that the heat water return is provided via back bottom section of the boiler, and thanks to the balanced distribution of the wide water volume within the boiler, a great circulation and a maximum heat transfer have been provided.

The energy translated to water access maximum level with enough-volume furnace for good burning and big heat transfer surfaces.

While heat efficiency level rising up maximum thanks to excellent heat insulation, boiler standby losses have minimum level.

Its efficiency at 85 % for low degree calorie lignite. This efficiency increase for imported coal.

Boiler controlled by employee thanks to flue dumper. So this feature decreases fuel consumption.
Boiler has pig iron grating, so it is not create get a hole, corrosion problem like sheet metal. It is patchwork. If as occasion may require it is changeable.

Boiler pipes are not weld. In case of need, it is easy changeable.
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