Our History
Our company's history is characterized as a manufacturer that produces robust, efficient and long-lasting products from day one.

With the establishment of Itimat Boiler and Machinery in Istanbul in 1976 by mechanical engineer Vural Onan, the foundations of our company, which exports to 60 countries in 4 continents, were laid.

The sole purpose of the technical team working within İtimat Kazan since its establishment is to provide quality products that can serve for many years without any problems.

Vural Onan, who first worked as a manufacturing engineer in the steel goods industry, made technical checks on the boiler and chimney systems to help his father-in-law, after complaints that he could not get enough efficiency from the boilers in the apartments and businesses where his father-in-law supplied coal. He submitted revision reports to the boiler owners regarding the deficiencies he saw. As a result of these changes implemented, efficiency increases have occurred in the boilers, and as a result of successful applications and due to the needs in the sector, it has started to design new high efficiency boilers suitable for our country's low-calorie lignite coals.

In 1976, he established İtimat Kazan ve Makine Sanayi to manufacture these designs. Particularly in 1980 and later, it contributed to the country's economy with the designs it made during the conversion of fuel-oil-fired boilers to coal.

He made researches in Switzerland and Germany in order to develop his designs, and produced boiler designs in European standards.

With this mission, Itimat Boiler Company brought high efficiency and long-lasting gas-fired boilers, which started to be used in our country at the beginning of the nineties, into the manufacturing program with its design experience, together with the technical team within the body of İtimat Kazan.

Energy efficiency is a priority issue that should be given importance both for economic development and for combating climate change. Increasing fuel savings in energy, reducing emissions and dependence on imports in energy have important benefits for economic and ecological sustainability. Although many steps have already been taken in the world to take advantage of these benefits, there is still a long way to go.

Itimat Boiler and Machinery industrial engineers work to increase energy efficiency in their products used in many sectors.
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