Diathermic Oil Boilers
itimat Diathermic oil boilers usable for high temperature process in industry.
It works high temperature with low pressure.
Heat transfer oil used long time in this system.
Don’t need condition unit for heat transfer oil.
Calcification and stone etc. don’t form in boiler.
Heat transfer oil does not cause corroion.
System doesn’t freeze in usual conditions.
Thermal oil boiler is a heater fluid which used for producing steam, hot water, boiling water.


The most important point in Diathermic Oil Boilers is that the thermal oil does not remain stagnant at any point. Considering this issue in consideration of the Diathermic Oil Boilers we produce, boiler heat transfer surfaces are manufactured from spiral coil shaped seamless steel special boiler pipes in accordance with EN 12952. A three-pass design has been designed to create the required combustion chamber for good combustion and high efficiency and to provide the required gas velocity on the heat transfer surfaces.
Thermal Oil circulation rate in the coil is calculated according to EN 12953 and 2014/68/EU standards.

Thanks to its superior design, it provides fuel saving.

* Body metal sheet has enough thickness with EN 10028 P355 GH
* Boiler pipes are seamless steel with EN 10216-2 DIN 17715 DIN 2448 

EXCELLENCE AND SAFETY: The most advanced design features has been carefully engineered to gear with many years field experience. Its compact design of excellence performance simple operation and easy maintaince provides economic handing cost and safety of operation.

HIGH CAPACITY OF EXPANSION TANK: Thermal oil full flow through the expansion tank so that the bubble in the tank and the remaining air is easily removed.

NOISELESS PUMP OPERATION: The strainer is equiped at the inlet of pump for eliminating the dirt in piping, and the emergent shut down device is equiped for stopping the pump. Flexible tube is fixed at the outlet and the stop valve with less resitance is equiped for eliminating the noise.

PROPER FILM TEMPERATURE: Heat transfer oil flow at low speed, formed on the inner wall of the pipe formed at the high temperature thin layer is called film temperature layer. If this layer exceeds the permissible temperature, it will produce high boiling material which will accelerate the degradation of the thermal oil and thereby damage the inner surface of the pipe. Our R & D engineers calculate the exact value for each film and metal temperature before production.
Therefore, the user can operate safely our diathermic oil boiler.

PERFECT COMBUSTION FURNACE: In order to overcome specific geography environment and fuel variations from difference source a versatile furnace construction ensures the perfect combustion of C-grade heavy oil and uniform heat transfer. The special welding process, and average thermal expansion designation garantee the service life and operation cost.

1-Thermal oil exit temperature check by PLC touch screen control board.
2-Thermal oil cycle temperature check by digital thermostats.
3-Thermal oil exit thermostat with PLC control burner.
4-Digital flue gas safety thermostat.
5-Flow switch.
6-Operating pressure Switches.

All temperature values can be read and set on touch screen control panel.
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