Central Heating Boilers
* Itimat GMN Series centeral heating boiler's efficiency varied for usage of gas or oil fired 93%

* GMN Series central heating boilers better than iron casting boilers because of economizes on fuel, not effect lime and sediment in water, and steel material.

* As it is reverse flame heating boiler, the flame is returned within the same cell. So, the gases and fuel particles which have not burnt encountering with the combustion flame for the second time are burnt again and converted into heat.

* By the help of special insulated material on the boiler door and fire concrete the resistance is redoubled against to fire erosion and bumps, and also it's ensured to get the high efficiency by keeping the temperature in the boiler due to the low transmission co-efficient of insulated material.

* Manufacturing is performing according to the norms of T.S.E. 497 and EN 303 with high quality components and qualified labour.
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