What is economizer?

An economizer is a complex device which is convert sensible and latent heat of waste gas to water or air and it is a kind of heat exchanger produced from pipes.

The temperatures of waste gas from boilers are usually 50-60oC higher than operating temperatures. Boiler operation temperature and depending on this as the boiler waste gas outflow is getting higher, the energy volume has been increasing that is wasting into the environment through the waste gases.

itimat economizers are increasing the boiler and system efficiency by using the waste heat energy which is wasting from the flue and derives from that supply fuel economy by decreasing the fuel volume.
Economizers transfers this waste heat to the water that circulates in their structure.This regaining heat can be given to boiler feeding water, and also it can easily be used in heating at institution such as for bathing, washing etc. and smilar purposes.


itimat® designs, produces and retrofits Economizers on all types of boiler. Use of heat recovery units are an important factor in maximizing the efficiency of modern Steam Boiler systems. The harvesting of previously wasted exhaust heat as it is expelled through the flue regularly delivers operational cost savings in excess of 5-8%.

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