Feeding Water Treatment for Boilers
Feeding Water Chemical for Boilers

Water; It is an odorless and tasteless compound that is abundant in the world and indispensable for life.

Although water (H2O) is a very simple and abundant substance, it behaves quite differently from other compounds under certain conditions. For example; ice floats on liquid water. In almost all other compounds in the world, the solid phase is denser than the liquid phase and the compound in the solid phase sinks.

 specific temperature of water is high. 1 calorie energy is required to increase the temperature of 1 g water by 1 °c. The specific temperature of water is higher than that of all substances except ammonia. Thanks to this feature, it can store more energy and is used in many heat transfer systems by taking advantage of the water's energy carrying feature.
These include central heating systems and steam boilers.

Steam is an ideal heat carrier.

The latent evaporation temperature of water is high. 539 calories are needed to convert 1 g of water at 100 °c to 1 g of water vapor.

There are Ca2 and Mg2 ions which cause hardness in water.

Carbon dioxide and water in the air form carbonic acid: CO2 + H2O ≥ H2CO3

The raw material of the rocks is calcium bicarbonate, which reacts with 7% of the world's calcium carbonate: H2CO3 + CaCO3≥Ca (HCO3)2

Magnesium carbonate and bicarbonate react as well as calcium carbonate and bicarbonate.

In the steam boiler or steam generator, as a result of the boiling of the water, the heat transfer occurs on the surfaces, forming a lime layer in the form of crystal (scale, boiler stone). This formed lime layer makes heat transfer difficult and causes energy loss. 1 mm lime formation in boiler flame smoke pipes increases fuel consumption by 6%.

However, it also reacts with dissolved gases, mainly oxygen, boiler sheets and boiler pipes in the water to form corrosion.

Lime and Oxygen corrosion causes deformation in boiler equipments as well as other boiler control devices and causes malfunctions. The stopping of the plant means the loss of the enterprise due to the stopping of the production.

Chemical Descale:

Itimat Boiler and Machinery Industry with more than 43 years of manufacturing and service experience in boiler water treatment services in the periodical service is provided.

With this service, we use boiler protective chemicals in order to prevent the risk of calcification and corrosion caused by the feed water used in the boiler.

Our service engineers take your feedwater sample and analyze it and offer the most suitable solutions for your facility.


Protection against limescale and rust of the boiler or steam generator and equipment.

Reduction of fuel consumption and energy saving.

Provides homogeneous boiler water and saves water and energy because of less bluffing.

Preventing oxygen corrosion through oxygen inhibitors.

Keeping the pH value at the appropriate value.

Corrosion prevention through corrosion inhibitors.

Thanks to the built-in chemical foam inhibitor, it helps the formation of dry steam during boiling.

Filmmaker is an organic product. Prevents lime from sticking to pipes and boiler surface.

It helps to dissolve the existing boiler stone.
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