How should a high quality steam boiler be?
        Considerations When Choosing a Steam Boiler

  • It should have a three-pass, fully cylindrical, wet-back design.
  • Combustion chamber (furnace) and wet-back chamber must be of sufficient diameter and length.
  • It should provide the required capacity and pressure.
  • Its cold start time should be short.
  • It should work safely and smoothly.
  • Fuel consumption should be economical.
  • The flue gas temperature should not be high and should be efficient.
  • The initial investment cost should be economical.
  • It should be long lasting.
  • Their size should not be large.
  • There should not be excessive expectations in the treatment of boiler feed water.
  • It should be easy and inexpensive to repair and maintain.
  • It should not carry water with steam.
  • The boiler feed water should have Ph=11, Conductivity=7000 microsiemens.
  • It should respond to peak steam draft.
  • Gas side pressure loss should not be high.
  • It should be easy to transport and assemble.
  • It should have automatic controls and safety.
  • It should work in harmony with its burner.
  • It should not work excessively noisy and vibration.
  • It should meet the capacity that the business needs.
  • Flue gas emissions should be below the standards and should not pollute the environment.
  • Electricity consumption should be low.
  • It should allow fuel changes.
  • It should be suitable for the conditions of the country in which it will work.
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