Pre-Furnace Stoker Coal and Biomass Fired Steam Boiler


Due to the increase in gas and liquid fuel prices, businesses are turning to the use of solid fuels in order to reduce fuel costs. The use of biomass (biomass) such as pomace, pellet and nut shell is increasing along with conventional fuels such as coal and wood.

In order to use solid fuels in boilers for steam production and to operate successfully for years, the boiler must be specially designed for solid fuels.


Itimat produces high efficiency coal and biomass fired steam boilers with more than 47 years experience focusing on customer needs.

Itimat coal and biomass fired steam boilers are designed with 3 pass in order to obtain high efficiency and to get maximum efficiency from heat generated by combustion.

Sufficient volumes of furnace (combustion chamber) dimensions are manufactured to ensure complete combustion. All gases emitted as a result of good combustion.
Due to the special furnace design, there is no unburned hydrocarbon and no smoke gas is visible. Thanks to a good design, a high efficiency is obtained that is environmentally friendly.

Thanks to the excellent thermal insulation of the boiler body, the heat efficiency values are maximized and the boiler waiting losses are kept to a minimum.

Water volume and steam spaces are calculated in the most appropriate way in the design of coal and biomass fired steam boiler. Sufficient steam space responds to sudden steam extraction.

Coal and biomass fired steam boiler are produced according to  PED 2014/68/EU Pressure Vessels Directive with TSE and CE certificate. Coal and Biomass fired steam boiler produced by EN 10028 P355GH special carbon steel and EN 10216-2 P235GH seamless pipes. Form of Tube plates are dished end.

Itimat Steam Boilers are controlled with steam temperature, flue gas temperature, high pressure and minimum water level safety.

With the integration of burner can fired diesel, gas and heavy oil easily.


It is specially designed to burn solid fuels such as pomace, pellet, nut shell, apricot kernel with high efficiency with all types of coal (0,5 - 40 mm).

The combustion crucible is made by special bold boiler plate and chrome alloy casting material.

Fully automatic combustion is provided according to the steam pressure. When the set pressure is reached, the blowing fan stops and stops the combustion. This feature prevents deformation of the coal loading spiral.

It is used in large capacity steam boilers where manual coal loading is difficult and it provides fuel economy.

The flue gas emission values accordance with the regulations with the special designed multi cyclone dust keeper. Dust amount is max. 150 mg / Nm3, CO max. 200 mg / Nm3, SO2 max. 2000 mg / Nm3.


A maximum of 4,000 kg/h steam can be produced in stoker coal fired steam boilers. It is necessary to use pre-furnace to produce steam at higher flow rate (10 t/h).

Pre-Furnace; As the name suggests, it is mounted in front of the boiler. It is manufactured from seamless steel boiler pipe of EN 10216-2 quality European origin.

The pre-furnace is designed and manufactured in a space that will allow the fuel to burn efficiently. The pre-furnace is surrounded by a membrane wall which is produced in order to allow the smoke gases generated from combustion to pass to the steam boiler. Most of the heat generated by the combustion of fuel is transferred to this membrane by radiation. In this way, both the combustion of the fuel with high efficiency and an additional heat transfer and capacity increase to the boiler capacity are provided.

Pre-furnace is manufactured as grate or stoker. There are fire doors for the control of the flame.

It is delivered in an integrated with multi cyclone dust keeper and stack according to customer requests. Strength and thermal calculations of pre-furnace coal fired steam boilers are made with 47 years of experience and knowledge with computer aided applications.

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