Gas & Oil Fired Steam Boiler

Oil and Gas Fired, Three Pass, High Efficiency Steam Boiler

The optimum boiler for economical steam production; Itimat steam boilers operating at high steam pressures due to their flame-smoke tube structure, modern three-pass design and fully cylindrical form.

"Years of experience guarantee high quality."

Steam Boiler Design:

Full combustion is provided with large combustion chamber (furnace) dimensions. Thanks to this feature, the emission of harmful substances is kept at low levels and NOx emission is further reduced with its three-pass design. Thanks to the water-cooled and widely designed wet-back behind the combustion chamber, high operational safety and long life span are provided.

Thanks to the sufficient volume of steam space, it produces quality and dry steam.

Boiler steel plates are used 20% thicker than other boiler manufacturers. In this way, the itimat boiler is 20% longer lasting and durable.

Itimat Steam Boilers have larger heat transfer surfaces thanks to their special design. Flue gas temperatures are much lower than equivalent steam boilers. The front boiler doors and the rear smoke box can be opened and the wet-back's large cleaning cover makes it possible to clean the furnace and tubes easily.

Itimat Steam Boilers operate with diesel (light oil), heavy oil , gas (Natural Gas, LPG, LNG) or biogas and 95% combustion efficiency is achieved when used with the integrated Economizer. In this way, the operating cost is significantly reduced and the return on investment period is reduced.

Project and Manufacturing: With more than 47 years of manufacturing experience, it is designed and produced with TSE, CE, ASME certification.

Large Water Volume and Steam Space: It is suitable for heavy working conditions and peak steam demand.

Large Heating Surface: High thermal efficiency.

Modern Design: Low fuel consumption with water-cooled whole shell and full heat insulation.

No Special Burner Required: Commercially available burners can be used due to low gas side resistance. There is no need for a high pressure burner, therefore, savings in operating and investment costs are achieved, and the noise level generated during the operation of the burner can be kept low.

Wide Capacity Range: 400 kg / h - 25 t / h.

Installation without the need for a base: Itimat steam boilers are placed on a thick profile base. A special plinth is not required. The profile base provides ease of transportation and settlement and protects the boiler from corrosion.

Steam Boiler Auxiliary Equipment: Itimat steam boiler and its equipment are fully compatible with each other, saving cost and installation time.

Combustion systems, water softening, feed water pump and condensate and feed tanks, economizer, heat recovery systems, automatic deep blow-down, surface blow-off (TDS) valves and control panel that control the entire system complete the energy system.

Itimat steam boiler control panels can control all kinds of control and adjustment mechanisms of the boilers. In addition to weekly programming when desired, it is possible to operate them fully automatically without 24 or 72 hours of supervision.

The steam boilers, which are produced with more than 47 years of manufacturing experience of our company, which is the most used in the industry, and the optimum designs of our R&D department, provide significant fuel savings in all types of fuel in all steam capacities and models.

Steam boilers with superior design and large heat transfer surfaces; They are integrated together with equipment such as burner, feed pump, safety equipment, control and safety panel, condensate tank and water softening system, which work in harmony with each other, and are offered in packages to the heat and energy sector.

Steam boilers with modern three-pass design are suitable for factories and industrial plants of many sizes.

Steam Boilers Prices vary according to fuel type, operating pressure and optional equipment or many technical features of the product. You can get information about different pricing by contacting us, and you can immediately have the most ideal model for your factory at a nice price.

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