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itimat Boiler Industry Company was established in 1976 as a project and producing company in order to answer to the needs in heating and energy industry sector. The only aim of the technical team who works for Itimat Boiler Industry Co. is to present qualified products which can serve to its own customers along many years without any problem since the day it was established. 

The mission of Itimat Boiler Co. is to create awareness of using economical heating thus make a contribution to protect the energy and natural sources. Itimat Boiler Co. is not only selling its own products but also developing systems by combining the products which operates in harmony and introduces these systems to the sector as a package solved within itself. 

The company provides technical support to newly launched factories in addition to supplying materials and products. The systems produced by the company are constituted under its own control and put into service. Working systems are controlled periodically. Our products are manufactured according to TSE, DIN, BS, ASME standards. Itimat Boiler's products gives service seamlessly in three continents and overall in many countries such as Germany, Denmark, Portugal, Romania, Greece, Bosnia Herzegovina, Albania, Serbia, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Russia, Kosovo, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Tajikistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India, Libya, Nigeria, Congo Republic, North Cyprus, Cyprus, Egypt, Kingdom Saudı Arabıa, Kuwait, Sudan, Israel, Jordan.

Itimat Boiler Company has its boiler production in two main groups which are industrial and domestic, from 20.000 kcal/h to 12.000.000 kcal/h capacity and 0.5 bars to 16 bars pressure.

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